Doctors List

Southwest Florida Eye Care

Dr. Florentino Palmon and Dr. Albert Smolyar
6850 International Center Blvd,
Fort Myers, FL 33912
(239) 768-0006

Collins Vision

Dr. Michael Collins
6900 International Center Blvd,
Fort Myers, FL 33912
(239) 936-4706

Azul Cosmetics

Dr. Patrick Flaharty and Dr. Maximillian Padilla
 13470 Parker Commons Blvd E #101,
Fort Myers, FL 33912
(239) 415-7576

Retina Health Center Fort Myers

Dr. Hussein Wafapoor and Dr. Veronica Graversen
1567 Hayley Ln #101,
Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 337-3337

Glaucoma & Cataract Eye Institute

Dr. Vinod Bhavnani
 6810 Porto Fino Cir,
Fort Myers, FL 33912
(239) 437-8118

Eye Associates of Fort Myes and Naples

Dr. Stephen Smith
4225 Evans Ave,
Fort Myers, FL 33901
(239) 936-7685

Konowal Vision Center

Dr. Alexandra Konowal
 9500 Corkscrew Palms Cir #3,
Estero, FL 33928
(239) 948-7555

Ameripath Southwest Florida

1620 Medical Ln #100,
Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 275-1164

Dr. Parna G. Shenoy, MD

Dr. Parna G. Shenoy, MD
 1560 Matthew Dr # G,
Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 278-4733

FMFL Anesthesia LLC

P.O. Box 529 Watkinsville, GA 30677
GA 30677
(800) 208-6014

Stephen J. Laquis, MD, FACS

Dr. Stephen Laquis
7331 College Pkwy,
Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 947-4042

*The service bundle information is a non-personalized estimate of cost that may be incurred by the patient for anticipated services and the actual costs will be based on services actually provided to the patient must be provided.

*St Marks Surgical Center is required to let patients know to contact health care practitioners that may provide services to a patient while in the center regarding a personalized estimate.

*Anesthesiologists and Laboratory Testing are not part of St Marks fees.

St. Mark’s Surgical Center Financial Assistance and Collections Policy

St. Mark’s Surgical Center Financial Assistance and Collections Policy

• Individuals must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for financial assistance:

o Any patient who does not qualify for Medicaid has limited funds but is capable and willing to settle the account for a lesser amount.

o Any minor parental responsibility cannot be established.

o Any self-paid patient who is indigent, transient and with no medical coverage available.

o Any patient not qualified for Medicaid, with limited funds, minimal or no insurance coverage, and is incapable of payment.

o Any patient who has exhausted his/her insurance benefits and demonstrates no -further ability to pay for services rendered.

o Any account returned to us by our collection agencies and is designated by the collection agency as being potentially eligible for: financial assistance.

o Any account in which an outside party (i.e., social worker, attorney, or caregiver) calls for the patient to inform us of financial difficulties.

o Any patient with a coinsurance, copay, or deductible greater than $500 by his or her insurance company, is not eligible for Medicaid, has limited funds, but is capable and willing to settle the account for a lesser amount; or

• Eligibility for financial assistance is based on family size, annual individual or family income and the current Federal Pove1ty Level ("FPL") Guidelines established by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

• Financial assistance will be available to alI eligible persons without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation or physical handicap. Services will not be denied to any person covered by a program such as Medicare or Medicaid.

• Applicants requesting financial assistance shall be required to furnish such information as may be requested by the Center to substantiate eligibility. Deductibles, estimates of copays and coinsurance amounts or non-covered services should be paid on or before the day of surgery. Payment arrangements can be made for patients who are unable to pay in full by the day of surgery. Payment plans will not extend past 90 days.

Price List
CPT code Description Price
15823 Revision of upper eyelid $1,583
37609 Temporal artery procedure $1,113
65400 Removal of eye lesion $787
65426 Removal of eye lesion $1,616
65855 Trabeculoplasty laser surg $262
66180 Aqueous shunt eye w/graft $4,753
66761 Revision of iris $366
66821 After cataract laser surgery $494
66982 Cataract surgery complex $1,955
66984 Cataract surg w/iol 1 stage $1,955
67039 Laser treatment of retina $3,544
67042 Vit for macular hole $3,544
67880 Revision of eyelid $1,616
67900 Repair brow defect $1,616
67904 Repair eyelid defect $1,616
67917 Repair eyelid defect $1,616
67924 Repair eyelid defect $1,616
67961 Revision of eyelid $1,616
68815 Probe nasolacrimal duct $1,616
0191T Insert ant segment drain int $5,246
Patient Rights
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